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A Non-Profit Bringing


Solutions to the Global Table


OUR MISSION: To promote sustainable agriculture as a long-term solution to major environmental issues facing the overall health of the world’s soil, water and people. Our aim is to develop future farmers and gardeners by providing the technical and financial support necessary to learn how to grow local organic food.



Heritage Thanksgiving Turkeys

Fresh Organic Produce

School and Family Gardens

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Food|Waves Happenings

»   Introducing POP Box! We have a new program for getting a custom ordered produce package just for you!

»   Winter is settling in.  Let's hope for some rest for the weary farmers to recuperate for next season.

»   The chickens are still laying some eggs and the goats are producing yummy milk so come by the farm and pick some up if you can!

»   We have received many donations large and small that are making our endeavors possible.  Consider making a tax-deductible donation today!



Be part of this season's harvest!