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In 1999, Matt and Bobbie Brown met Nathan McFall in a small village, Kuma-Dunyo, in Togo, West Africa. As Peace Corps volunteers, they worked with farmers, non- government organizations, and students introducing and implementing environmental awareness and education programs, soil conservation techniques, organic fertilization practices, and new animal husbandry projects.


Literally, since the first day they met, Nathan and Matt discussed the idea of working together on a farm combining sustainable agriculture with on-farm educational opportunities to demonstrate farming techniques that improve the health of our water, soil, and bodies.  The idea was to teach small-acreage stewardship to community members and future farmers. Fast forward ten years and Nathan is a master organic farmer, as well as, the owner of Converging Creeks Farm in Colton, Oregon, and Matt is a master teacher living in Southern California.

In the summer of 2010, the Brown family moved to Oregon! They settled in Milwaukie (just outside of SE Portland). During the rest of the growing season, Nathan, Matt, and Bobbie worked with professionals, college students, and high school students harvesting and washing produce, transplanting seedlings, learning about drip-irrigation, organic fertilizer, pest control, and goat and chicken care.   They also got their hands dirty clearing brush along the road, building a new fence, stripping paint, chopping wood, creating flower beds, organizing equipment, and other farm chores. The farm received a makeover!  Moreover, they researched how to start a non-profit.


Later that year, Food Waves was born, and the next phase was up and running!.  In 2011, Food Waves initiated its internship program, and we had our first year at the PSU Farmer's Market in Portland.  In 2012 we started our Community Outreach programs building educational gardens to train students, teachers, parents and community members how to grow, harvest, prepare, and preserve their own fresh, nutritious, local, seasonal, and sustainable food.     Since 2012, we have been improving our technical skills, infrastructure, soil structure,, and marketing while training as many people as possible how to "garden like a farmer"- from small-container backyard gardens to small-business organic farms!


From 2011-current, FoodWaves has provided both financial and technical support to individuals, schools, churches, food pantries, other non-profits, etc. throughout Clackamas County and its surrounding communities. As interns, volunteers, grants, board members, conferences, Earth Days, tour groups, grants, fundraisers, and seasons come and go, FoodWaves continues to impact the community each and every day!


Matt and Bobbie's kids have grown up volunteering at the farm and have a garden at their new home in Jennings Lodge. Nathan got married in 2015. He and his wife, Caren, had twins in 2016! As FoodWaves grows, our families grow too...


Come see us at PSU every Saturday from late April through mid-November.  You can also get in touch to schedule a time to come see the farm.  Better yet, come in your work clothes and get your hands dirty along side us.  You may even learn something new!

Contact Nathan at, or text him at (503) 830-5164.

Contact Matt at, or text him at (503) 891-4112.

Food Waves cultivates food justice and access to healthy food in Clackamas County and the surrounding communities.


Through our programs Food Waves:

  • Offers stipend, hands-on training opportunities for future farmers to learn the skills necessary to operate a small-production, organic farm

  • Reaches out to community members (business owners, students, churches, individuals, non-profits, etc.) through innovative educational opportunities to learn sustainable practices implemented by organic farmers

  • Supports low-income families by providing the materials and training so they are able to grow their own fresh, nutritious, seasonal, and sustainable food

  • Provides organic vegetables to food banks in order to give those in need a healthier diet

  • Creates as many opportunities as possible to educate clients the important connection of how we eat to the overall health of our environment and ourselves! 

All of our programs depend on grants, donations, and our harvest. So, please contribute through the Donate page.

FoodWaves is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.


Thank you for your interest in FoodWaves, and we are thankful for your support!

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