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FoodWaves’ GET Program is committed to providing financial and technical support to individuals, groups, schools, churches, businesses, non-profits, etc. interested in learning how to grow, eat, harvest, prepare, and preserve fresh, nutritious, local, seasonal, and sustainable produce. Learn the skills to grow food at any level- from small containers to a small-acreage market farm!


Learn more about food justice, especially access to healthy food, and let’s GET hands-on experiences, GET dirty, GET trained, GET excited, and GET more yummy produce using less money and less time!


Learn and implement techniques used by organic farmers working on a small-acreage market farm, Converging Creeks Farm, in Colton, Oregon.

FoodWaves is a small, but passionate nonprofit. We love what we do! However, FoodWaves' two part-time employees are actual working farmers that can be easily over extended with responsibilities on the farm and/or in the community. Therefore, at times, FoodWaves may need to delay project-based activities in the community. For instance, it's extremely hot, and we need to be at the farm to water our crops.


Learn how FoodWaves may be able to work with you in the near future by clicking on one of the following tabs that could fulfill your biggest needs:

GET Involved             GET Educated

GET Resources           GET Healthy


FoodWaves utilizes funds raised from donations, grants, fundraisers, etc. to finance our GET Program. Our ability to provide financial and technical support depends on the resources we have available at the time of your request.


If funding is unavailable, then FoodWaves may be able to assist you in seeking donors (individuals, businesses, and/or foundations) to support your needs. Plus, FoodWaves may be able to give you financial and/or technical assistance in the future when funds become available. Of course, it may take more time then you are willing to wait, and/or we may be unable to find funds/resources to support your needs.


FoodWaves educates others to have the ability to grow healthy food. FoodWaves cannot be responsible for day to day maintenance and other responsibilities of your project.


To learn more about FoodWaves, then please visit Food Waves on Facebook and/or foodwaves2010 on Instagram.

Questions about available opportunities at our educational farm (Converging Creeks Farm (Colton, OR), e-mail Nathan McFall, Farm Manager, at or call/text him at (503) 830-5164.

Questions about the GET Program, e-mail Matthew Brown at or call/text him at (503)891-4112.

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