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As a non-profit, FoodWaves receives donations, write grants, holds small events, and has an annual FoodWaves Fest fundraiser in order to raise funds to provide both financial and technical support to individuals, schools, churches, small businesses, other non-profits, etc. interested in learning how to grow, eat, prepare, and preserve fresh, seasonal, local, nutritious, and sustainable produce.  In other words, learn how to "garden like a farmer!"


Obviously, FoodWaves ability to donate time and materials is limited to the amount raised annually. Some years we have time but no money, and, of course, some years we have money but no time.


FoodWaves is not interested in building any new educational gardens. If you want to create a new educational garden from scratch, FoodWaves is interested in providing financial and technical support (for example, teach you how to raise funds, find garden volunteers, build raised beds, what soil to use, how to decide what plants to grow, etc.); however, at this time, we cannot be responsible to raise funds, build and maintain a new, education-based garden.


Also, it is important for you to know that Nathan and Matt are farmers at their education-based farm, Converging Creeks Farm, in Colton, Oregon, and due to day to day tasks and trainings on the farm may not always be available at the time you are interested.

if you are flexible, then they will find a good time to work with you and your staff, students, families, co-workers, community organization members, etc.


NOTE: If we cannot get to you, then you can always learn at our non-profit, education-based farm, Converging Creeks Farm, in Colton, OR. Please do not come to the farm unless you have communicated with Nathan, thanks.


If interested or want learn more, please e-mail Nathan McFall, Food Production Director, at or text him at (503) 830-5164. 


Furthermore, FoodWaves may prioritize funds/time to the educational gardens they have already  built and/or support in Milwaukie, Gladstone, Oregon City, Colton, Estacada, and Canby, as well as, Tigard. With that said, we are excited to find new projects and partners to teach as many people as possible how to grow, harvest, prepare, and preserve fresh, nutritious, local, seasonal, and sustainable produce!


FoodWaves will try to find the time or funds to assist you either financially and/or technically. You may need to be patient. Also, we may not be able to provide financial and/or technical support to your project because it does no meet our missions statement or our ability to complete a project. For example, you may be seeking funds to build a greenhouse for your school, and FoodWaves is putting their time and funds into a Train the Trainers workshop for an entire school district. 


Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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