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                                  GET Healthy


FoodWaves is available to discuss how growing, eating, preparing, and preserving  fresh, nutritious, local, seasonal, and sustainable produce supports a “healthy eating, active living” lifestyle.  We can provide hands-on learning experiences related to sustainable gardening techniques used to "garden like a farmer."


FoodWaves can present at schools, churches, small businesses, local organizations, other non-profits, etc. about the following topics:


            -Why organic?

            -Local, seasonal food movement

            -Slow food movement


                  -Inexpensive ideas/techniques to grow your own!

            -How to get eat more fruits and vegetables in your diet

                  -Ways to get children to eat more fruits and vegetables

            -Why are fruits and vegetables important in your diet


            -How to promote a healthy gut



            -Food justice



                        -Access to healthy food

            -Topics related to Environmental Health, (i.e. how to improve          

             environmental conditions negatively impacting the world’s soil, water,

             oceans, and life!)

The GET Healthy part of our Grow and Eat Together (GET) Program is where FoodWaves educates individuals, families, community members, etc. why fresh, nutritious produce matters for you, your family, your community!

For example, we have taught at food pantries, Nutrition Night for Head Start families, educational gardens, Pancake Breakfasts, Rotary Club meetings, Earth Day events, Carnival nights, etc.


If interested or want to learn more about GET Healthy, then please contact Matthew Brown, Executive Director and Garden Education, e-mail and/or text him at (503) 891-4112.

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