FoodWaves cultivates food justice and access to healthy food in Clackamas County and the surrounding communities.

Our goal is to put the power of food production back into the hands of the people.

For generations 70 plus percent of our population was involved in food production.  Today it is less than 2%, and the majority of those farmers are nearing retirement age.  It is vitally important that these skills be passed on to the next generations.

The Latest from FoodWaves:

Winter is here, but Spring is ever in our minds.

- 2020 has certainly been a year to remember!  Through all that has transpired Food Waves has thrived despite many obstacles that were thrown at us by the forces that be.  We continued our steady march of increasing production and sales even when a pandemic and wildfires threatened to sideline us.  Thank you to all of our loyal customers who made us feel so loved and supported through it all.

- We are currently accepting applications for Full & Part-Time intern positions for 2021.  Visit the Farm Learning page for more information or to download the application.  Our season runs March through November so there are plenty of opportunities for learning to fit almost any schedule. Email if you have questions.

- Need a gift idea?  Make a tax-deductible donation to FoodWaves to support agricultural education in your community.


“It's so rewarding to harvest produce you have helped to nurture with planting, watering and weeding yourself!"    

-Sommer (High School Intern)

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