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            High School/College Student Summer Internships

The GET Trained: Sustainable Farmer Skills Internship is intended for high school and college students seeking an internship for the entire summer season. If you apply and are accepted by FoodWaves, then you are expected to to comply to the following:



         Internship Announcement: GET Trained:Sustainable Farmer Skills


FoodWaves, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is seeking a part-time, high school-college aged, beginner farmer(s) with little experience to be an intern at its educational farm (Converging Creeks Farm) in Colton, Oregon. The farm is 5.8-acres with a 1 acre vegetable operation, plus chickens, turkeys, ducks, and pigs. For students willing to learn the skills necessary to grow and eat organic produce.  You are expected to work independently and with others.


 Let’s grow and eat together. Work in our high tunnels and fields and plant and listen to music and weird stories about life and get dirty and stinky! Learn to grow and eat food for you, your community and markets, and be gentler and kinder to the environment.


Our interns(s) will:


  • Work 2 days/week, Mondays and/or Fridays (with Thursdays replacing Friday several weeks; 4-8 hour shifts (stipend can vary week to week)

  • Participate in all aspects of sustainable agriculture, such as:

              -Working in high tunnels (watering, seeding, singulating starts, transplanting)

              -Field work (drip irrigation, pest control, transplanting, tractor work, harvesting, post-    

              harvest handling, packing, marketing)

             -Animal Chores (goats, chickens, turkeys, and pigs)

             -Weeding, washing bins/eggs, farm clean-up, meal preparation/clean-up

  • Participate in discussion-based and hands-on educational sessions

  • Promote the educational component of the farm by working with community members (i.e. host volunteers, educate farm visitors, etc.)


Required:        A successful applicant will have the following:


  • Interest in experiencing day-to-day activities on an organic vegetable operation

  • Interest in the local, organic food movement and/or food-related issues

  • Ability to work well with a team, excellent communication and organizational skills, resourceful, self-motivated, and hard-working.

  • Access to transportation (arrive on time for work on farm)


If interested, please contact to establish a time to visit the farm.


FoodWaves demands all interested, potential interns to visit our educational site, Converging Creeks Farm, to learn more about the intern experience- what the day to day work actually looks like! Plus, we want you to know if our farm is a good match for you, and we want to know if you are a good match for our program. This farm tour is the interview for the position.


NOTE: This is a stipend position. You are a volunteer committing to an internship. The stipend (where allowed) is $100/week for two, 8-hour shifts/week (maximum) for travel, food and expenses. The intern works Mondays and Fridays (with Thursdays replacing Fridays several weeks for complete experience).

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