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                                                             Farm Trade


FoodWaves’ non-profit, education-based partner farm, Converging Creeks Farm (Colton, OR) is willing to train individuals, families, or small groups about organic farming that want to stay on the farm for a pre-determined amount of time.


Farm trade can be for a weeks to a few months. You do not have to be interested in becoming a farmer, but you will be learning sustainable techniques used by organic farmers. FoodWaves’ interest in food justice, especially access to healthy foods, means we are willing to train you how to grow fresh, nutritious produce in exchange for you staying on the farm.  Our goal is to teach you skills to start your own garden and grow nutrient dense food that improves your food security and health.


Basically, you are a volunteer (learn more by clicking on the “Volunteering” tab and then the “Our Partner Farm” tab) living on the farm during your stay. This is not an internship or employment opportunity.

Volunteers should have the following:


  • Interest in experiencing work on an organic vegetable operation

  • Interest in the local, organic food movement and/or food-related issues

  • Ability to work well with a team, a good attitude, communication and organizational skills, as well as be resourceful, self-motivated, and hard-working.

  • Access to transportation 


Also, you may join WWOOF. Learn more by clicking on the “WWOOFing” tab.


Please do not come to the farm unless you have communicated with Nathan, thanks.


If interested or want learn more, please e-mail Nathan McFall, Farm Manager, at and/or call/text him at (503) 830-5164. 

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