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                            Educational Farm


FoodWaves' educational farm, Converging Creeks Farm, is  located in Colton, Oregon about 30 minutes from Oregon City and one-hour from downtown Portland. As a non-profit, FoodWaves established an educational farm to enable us to host, educate, and train individuals or groups that are interested in working as volunteers alongside master farmers to learn more about sustainable farming techniques used to grow, harvest, market, sell, and eat organic food! 


Volunteers may participate in all farming activities available the day they are on the farm. Project-based learning opportunities may include:

      -Seeding, singulating, transplanting

      -Harvesting, post-harvest handling

      -Pest management

      -Soil management



      -Chores (i.e. wash eggs, wash bins, general clean-up, etc.)



If you do or do not know any of the terms above, then come out to the farm to learn! Beginners and black thumbs are welcome, of course! If you have more experience in gardens or on a farm, then come join us and learn what techniques we use and why!


In general, we are planting Mondays and harvesting Fridays from approximately 8:30AM-5:30PM. Depending on the time of year, if you cannot visit the farm Mondays or Fridays, then we are farming Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well. We take Wednesdays off.


It is important to not just show up at the farm. Our schedule varies depending on time of year and off-the-farm events that may make us alter our work week.


Please contact Nathan McFall, Farm Manager, at or

call/text him at (503) 830-5164 to find a good time for you (and us!) to volunteer, thanks!


In the past, volunteers have worked, for example:

      -One-day for several hours

      -One full eight-hour day

      -Several full days

      -Every Friday for the entire summer

      -Every Friday from lunch to 5:30PM

      -Monday mornings 4-5 times during the Spring


So, we are flexible and want to accommodate you as much as possible. Please remember, we need to sell produce to support the farm and farmers; so; farmers/interns are working hard! As a volunteer, we will do our best to teach you what you are most interesting in learning. Contact Nathan to learn more about our schedule if you want to learn something specific.


Volunteering at the farm is a hands-on learning experience!

Volunteers should have the following:


  • Interest in experiencing work on an organic vegetable operation

  • Interest in the local, organic food movement and/or food-related issues

  • Ability to work well with a team, a good attitude, communication and organizational skills, as well as be resourceful, self-motivated, and hard-working.

  • Access to transportation 


Let’s grow and eat together! Work in our high tunnels and fields and plant and listen to music and weird stories about life and get dirty and stinky! Learn to grow (and eat!) food for you, your community and farmers’ markets- all while being gentler and kinder to the environment. Yummy.

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