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                                          Financial Support


FoodWaves, with funds from donations/gifts, grants, and fundraisers is willing to purchase the following for your educational garden:


NOTE: FoodWaves prefers to reduce by re-using! So, we are a bargain-hunting, thrifting, handout/gift-taking, left-on-the-side-of-the-road hauling, etc. FIRST kind of organization.


            -Soil (for raised beds, pots, etc.)

            -Soil amendments (i.e. compost, blood/bone meal, fish fertilizers, etc.)

            -Seedling mix



            -Starts (young plants)

            -Pest controls (sticky traps, neem oil, etc.)



            -Weed control (Weed mats, mulch, etc.)


            -Heat mats for seed germination

            -Garden cloth/wire for season extension


            -Screws/nails, staples, chicken wire for raised beds

            -Fencing/doors for pest management

            -Educational materials (books, DVDs, etc.)


FoodWaves raises funds so Matt and Nathan are paid for each hour they work community outreach, education-based projects. Of course, the amount of hours they are available depends on the previous years’ fundraising success and the current year's donations/gifts.


If you want to write a grant and include us as a partner, then please contact Matt to learn how and if that is possible.


If you have already have funds allocated for garden education and FoodWaves does not have enough funds to support your project, then contact Matt to learn more about what FoodWaves charges per hour for their Master Farmer expertise (it may vary from project to project).


Again, we are limited by time and funds to how many projects we can support each year, and we already support educational gardens throughout Clackamas County and its surrounding communities. Nevertheless, FoodWaves is interested in you and your educational garden, and we are excited to learn how we may be able to support you and your “growing” community.


If interested or want to learn more about how FoodWaves may be able to provide you with financial support, then please e-mail Matthew Brown at or text him at    (503) 891-4112. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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