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                                            Educational Gardens


If you are a beginner or an experienced gardener that is interested in learning “how to garden like an organic farmer” and/or supporting one or more of FoodWaves’ educational gardens, then you will need to meet with FoodWaves at one our educational garden sites to learn what is expected of you to properly maintain the site. Garden volunteers will visit the garden(s) a minimum of one-time per week for 30-60 minutes to maintain the site. 


Responsibilities include:

           -Watering (deep-soaking and spraying)



           -Pest control


And could also include:


            -Harvesting/post-harvest handling

            -Donating produce to a nearby food pantry


If you are a beginner, then you may learn more about the sustainable gardening techniques implemented by FoodWaves by:

            -Attending workshops at one of the educational garden sites near you

            -Volunteering at our partner farm

            -Learning by working alongside another volunteer

Volunteers should have the following:


  • Interest in experiencing work on an organic vegetable operation

  • Interest in the local, organic food movement and/or food-related issues

  • Ability to work well with a team, a good attitude, communication and organizational skills, as well as be resourceful, self-motivated, and hard-working.

  • Access to transportation 


Our Educational Gardens are located in:



            -Oregon City






If interested or you want to learn more about volunteering at an educational garden,

 e-mail Matthew Brown at or call/text him at (503) 891-4112. 


Let’s grow and eat together!


NOTE: If you are looking for FoodWaves to visit your established garden, then please e-mail or call/text Matthew, thanks. FoodWaves is not in the position to build new gardens, but we may be able to support you, anyway. Click on the GET Educated, GET Resources, or GET Healthy buttons to learn more about how we may be able to work together!

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