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                                     Technical Support


FoodWaves, with funds from donations/gifts, grants, and fundraisers is willing to provide the following technical support for your educational garden:


            -Consultation (via e-mails, texts, phone conversations, etc.)

            -Train the trainers

                        -Meetings with staff, volunteers, garden club, etc.

                        -In classrooms and/or at educational garden

            -Lesson planning (Pre-K through 12th grade)

                        -How to use an educational garden as an outdoor classroom

                        -Hands-on experiences in the classroom


            -Garden and/or farm visits

            -Books, websites, DVDs, etc.


NOTE: FoodWaves prefers to reduce by re-using. So, we are a bargain hunting, thrifting, handout/gift taking, left-on-the-side-of-the-road hauling, etc. FIRST kind of organization.

FoodWaves’ technical support includes education/training about the following topics:


  • Everything you need to know about starting your own educational garden


             -How to get volunteers

             -How to get funds

             -What materials are needed/where to get them

             -How to build raised beds

             -Where to build educational garden

             -What soil to use

             -What plants to use

  • What kind of garden




             -Raised beds and/or small containers

  • Everything you need to know about organic gardening

             -What is soil? Soil types/soil management

             -Compost/green manure

             -Soil improvement

                    -Acidity and alkalinity

                    -Long-term and short-term solutions

                    -The need for macro- and micronutrients

                    -How much/how often

             -Sustainable pest/disease control 

             -Pest identification

             -How to attract beneficial insects

             -Companion planting

             -Organic chemicals

             -Weed control

             -Weed identification


             -Useful tools

             -Irrigation (how to water efficiently)


                    -Overhead spraying


             -The gardening year

                      -Cool and warm season crops

                      -What to do during the Winter/Summer

              -Propagation techniques

                       -How to direct seed or seed in trays


              -What crops work well in gardens/what plants to use

              -Plant spacing/transplanting


              -Harvesting/post-harvest handling


If interested or want to learn more about how FoodWaves can provide you with technical support, then e-mail Matthew Brown at or text him at (503) 891-4112.

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